About Me

  • WordPress Developer
  • Graphics Specialist
  • Small Business Consultant

I work with small businesses in the coastal areas of the Southeastern United States and beyond. I build, optimize, improve, maintain, and even recover websites. I also offer logo designs, branding, ads, and social media.

I am an equal opportunity nerd and can ‘geek out’ about sailing and music as much as I can about WordPress, HTML, Linux, or even the Raspberry Pi. Nerdy my whole life, I am the product of a library assistant and an educational media library director. TTDS is not my first rodeo. I started three businesses before I was 35 and worked in several fast-paced industries. My broad base of experience includes WordPress, HTML, and other web stuff, but also process improvement, documentation, technical writing, blogging, and training. I look forward to applying these skills helping you improve and expand your business and especially your business’ presence on the web.

In order to polish up my web tech skills, I recently completed GeekPack’s WordPress Rockstar Program. GeekPack is also a community of WordPress Developers helping each other to excel at serving our clients. I am also active in their business coaching group. Further, I am enrolled in the Virtual Excellence Academy’s program for Virtual Assistant skills.

My first computer experience was on an Apple IIe that my dad brought home from work. It had some rudimentary games and other programs, but a buddy and I were starting to program with BASIC. I used a Classic Mac for a few years while I was at Michigan State University.

Along the way, I helped debug an early job costing program while working in Detroit. When I started a business in Florida with a partner, I did our first years bookkeeping in a large spreadsheet before we bought a basic accounting package.

Throughout my career I have never officially been in the IT Department, but functioned as a “power user.” In fact, when I ran the office at a manufacturing plant, the Corporate IT Department quickly figured out that I had enough knowledge and skills that they could call me rather than driving across town themselves to troubleshoot most issues. In addition to helping with computer terminal issues and training users around the plant, I spent a lot of time in the network closet with a phone on my shoulder. Further, I transformed and expanded the company’s job costing Excel spreadsheet template to handle the multi-step, flexible manufacturing that we were doing at the new site. I also coded a digital product catalog in HTML that was burned to CDroms and passed around by our salespeople.

Recently, I had a project to reorganize and improve the inventoy system at a construction equipment rental company. I cleaned up the physical inventoy, re-established a numbered bin system, made corrections and adjustments in their computer system, and set up stock points to streamline their parts ordering. When an outside auditor completed their count, their number was only $700 off of mine on $200,000 worth of inventory.

I have been a Linux user since about 1999; except where a job supplied something else. My sailing blog started out on WordPress in 2006 and is still going. After some years on Blogger, I am putting that blog back on WordPress. Also, I have two Raspberry Pis on my boat; one that is a ship’s computer with chartplotter and instruments, and the other is a media server, primarily for my music collection, but also movies and ebooks.